The Beginning

Hey! I’m Jacqueline and my lettering story begins as a child when I thought I wasn’t a good artist because I couldn’t draw pictures. So instead of pictures, I doodled letters and words instead. Soon after marrying my husband and joining his family who are professional artists, I had to learn more to keep up! With the help of my mother-in-law and the support of my husband I got into lettering as a hobby.

In July 2017, I spent my fourth of July family vacation sitting around thinking of Company names and Fontabulous Designs was born! From fonts to letters to traditional calligraphy, there’s a whole world of beauty and personality that is at your fingertips ready to be explored. I’ll introduce you to lettering and soon you’ll even be able to purchase and download your own worksheets and “fontabulous” designs.

The Middle

In 2015, I married to Derek , a studio musician and performer. Our lives never have a dull moment and the arts are very much a love and passion.

I am currently studies for her Masters in Business Administration at Utah Valley University. After receiving a Bachelors in Communications, Public Relations and two minors in Music and Business, I decided I needed more skills to better run a company, this company.

With school by day, and art by night, I spend nights either going to concerts or lettering the night away with Netflix marathons.

You make the End…

I connected with lettering for the art, the colors, the skill and the community. There’s no better satisfaction than finishing a project that you can share in your home with your family, share as a gift to a friend, or even take a picture for yourself as a job well done. We all start somewhere-so start today.

Visit the New to Lettering tab to start your journey.

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