Ten Skillshare Classes and the Skills They Taught Me

*Disclaimer: All class titles are exactly as shared on Skillshare. The summaries and opinions are completely my own. Photos in this post are my personal work made in correlation with each class and are copyrighted by Fontabulous Designs and must be shared with permission and credit.

Skillshare is a learning platform with over 23,000 classes on topics ranging from business and design to lettering and cooking.

Skillshare classes are all taught by experts in their designated area. Most classes include a project so you can not only learn but also see your own creation after each video. Walking away from each class with a project completed was the best part for me and is one of the main reasons why I would recommend Skillshare to others. The only way to truly learn new things is by doing them yourself.

After taking over 50 classes in the past year, I’m excited to share a list of ten classes and what each of them taught me (with pictures!). Many of these pictures have been shared on my Instagram over the year as I’ve learned them so if you aren’t already, follow @fontabulousdesigns on Instagram and Facebook to follow along and learn with me.

  1. Writing on Weird Stuff: Hand-Lettering on Various Surfaces by Ashley Buzzy
    Who doesn’t love being able to write all over their belongings? This class provides you with the information and tools you need to write on more than paper. As one of the first classes I took on Skillshare, I was inspired and here are two projects I complete shortly after completing the video.
  2. Urban Sketching for Beginners: Watercolour Sketch in 3 Steps by Julia Henze
    You’re browsing through Pinterest and see cute European houses, New England houses and so many places you want to visit. Why not draw them? Julia teaches you how to go from the picture to the paper and watercolor it afterward. I’ve never done a large-scale watercolor piece like this but loved every minute of it! A simple class with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions to help you create a beautiful work of art.
  3. How to Create Beautiful Fashion Illustrations by Elena Fay
    I have never considered myself an illustrator because I don’t draw much besides letters. However, I loved seeing fashion illustrations that my sister and other Instagrammers would publish and decided to try drwaing one. This class teaches fashion illustration figure proportions and how to position their bodies so they look real. See my first fashion illustration pictured below.
  4. Exploring Your Creative Style: Draw an Expressive Alphabet by Timothy Goodman
    Learning each letter in the alphabet is so important for a hand letterer. I took this creative style class by Timothy Goodman who teaches you to let go of structure and find creative ways to draw the alphabet. This class encouraged me to take the step to start my own alphabet series! To see the whole alphabet and follow along, go to my Instagram or Facebook photo album to see each letter!
  5. Drawing the Flourish Basics and Beyond by Jan Snedden Peever
    Flourishes are formal, beautiful and fun! Flourishes can add elegance and complex beauty to a simple word and lettering composition. Flourish Basics and Beyond was the single class that taught me the most about flourishes and all the unlimited variations that you can incorporate into any piece. You won’t regret taking this short class. Jan provides worksheets to help you get started tracing and learning the flourishes.
  6. Vintage Hand-Lettering: Styling Phrases for Timeless Appeal by Mary Kate McDevitt
    To me, vintage lettering is where lettering becomes part of our daily lives. Vintage lettering is seen daily on products, tins, papers, book covers and more. Finding small treasures with beautiful art on them inspires me that maybe someday I can have my lettering in places where people every day can see them and in many ways I already have! The vintage lettering style is very different than modern styles. It’s a lot harder than it looks! This was one of the first Skillshare classes I took and here is what I was able to come up with.
  7. Monoline Lettering: From Sketch to Screen by Jamie Bartlett
    Vectorizing lettering is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. In 2018, I was able to digitally draw the words “challenge knowledge” from scratch! Jamie teaches you how to go from the paper to the screen and make your lettering vectorized.
  8. Mastering iPad Lettering with Procreate 4 by Molly Suber Thorpe
    Using your apple pencil and iPad gives your lettering a digital flair. Procreate has gone through a handful of major updates and I took a class on one of the updates to better learn masking and the ins and outs of different features within the program. It’s a must for anyone with an iPad learning to utilize more features within it! In December 2018, I was able to use my iPad to create name tags for the Relic Agency Christmas party! It was a dream come true to be able to mix my lettering skill and my work life together. Let me know what you think; they were a big hit with my coworkers! One coworker did a great job presenting them on the packaging perfectly after we foiled them!
  9. Lettering Inside Figures by Ale Lozano
    An easy and simple class for anyone looking to spice up their lettering, Ale Lozano teaches you how to lettering inside shapes whether they be animals, hearts and more. Anyone can take this easy class and come away with something Instagram worthy and something you will always be proud of.
  10. DIY Calligraphy – Introduction to the Copperplate Style by Doris Fullgrabe
    Copperplate calligraphy is older than vintage lettering. It is the traditional lettering that most people admire and love watching real-time videos of. I, myself, love to watch those same videos. This class gave me the opportunity to learn the intricacies of the traditional calligraphy form. Learning these techniques takes time and patience, but is enjoyable in every step. The alphabet was hard enough to make me feel so accomplished.

With so many Skillshare classes, there’s nothing you can’t learn on this platform. I’ve enjoyed the 2018 year and taking my lettering skills to the next level. If you’ve taken classes on Skillshare I’d love to hear about your experience. If you haven’t, click on this link and start today! Also, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and ask. Happy lettering!

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